About Us

Our company is a team with many different skills. We follow up with both the customer and our craftsman on every job to make sure the work is done to our high standards and your satisfaction. Our philosophy is simple. We provide prompt, reliable service for a good price. We aren't in the "lowest price" business. The old adage really is true, you get what you pay for. We know you can find someone that will do the job for less but you won't get the quality of workmanship and dependability. We don't cut corners. We believe in involving the customer in the whole process from concept to completion.

We cover every area in home repair except whole roofing. Our estimates are based on type of work, time involved and risk/liability. We can't give you a price without seeing the job. See the portfolio link for examples of work done and what we charged.

What To Expect

Once you contact us we will schedule a time for one of our craftsman to come by and look at your job. We will give you a written estimate and discuss what to expect once the job is completed. If we encounter something during the repair that was unexpected, we reserve the right to stop work and revise the estimate. Once we agree on a price we will schedule a day/time to begin work. In some cases our craftsman will have time to do a small job the same day if desired. We will stop regularly during repair and ask your feedback on the job. Once the job is completed to your satisfaction payment is expected in either cash, check or credit card.

What We Don't DO

We don't do carpet, whole roofs, anything using natural or propane gas. We don't do water heaters on 2nd floor residential houses. We don't install or repair polybutylene plumbing.